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DAY 3 - (Yayla Kuzdere - Mt. Tahtalı - Beycik - Ulupinar)


Start: 07:30 am

Finish: 19:45 pm (all rests and stops are included)

Total distance: 28 km. (In details (approx.); Yayla Kuzdere to Mt. Tahtali (pass which is close to peak where descending begins) - 8.5 km., Mt. Tahtali (pass which is close to peak) to Beycik is 8.5 km., in other words from Yayla Kuzdere to Beycik - 17 km., Beycik and Uludere - 11 km.)

Water: Route has long ascents so you need to carry some water with you. During long ascents you need to keep your water bottles ready to drink evertime and refresh them everytime you find a new water source. You may fill up your bottles with the ice-cold water while you’re on the slopes of Mt.Tahtali. You’ll feel yourself like hiking on Kackar mountains, located in Blacksea region, however, water sources are limited around here. After leaving Yayla Kuzdere (first 5 km.), during your ascent, there are water sources such as stream, spring etc. You’ll come across a strong flowing stream at an open area just where you’ll begin to ascend to slopes of Mt.Tahtali. The last point to fill up your water bottles is the spring at uplands (wide plain meadows), called Çukuryayla. This region is mountainous, if you have too much need of water, there might be some places off the route (in fact, do not have a particular information where it may be located at cause this is out of Lycian Way route). There’s no water after you pass the Mt.Tahtali peak and begin to descend for Beycik. If you want to go to the peak consider additional water need as well. Peak is an alternative route of where you get out of the route and come back to the point where you left your walk. During your descent to Beycik, you need to walk around  3-3.5 km. to come across a spring. You’ll definetely see it for sure. Here, you may refresh your water bottles which is enough for Beycik walk. Briefly, during hot weather conditions you need to carry plenty of water during this long route. You have to carry water with you between Beycik and Ulupinar. Thus, you’ll have to fill up your bottles in Beycik and continue for long Ulupinar walk.

Food: You may provide some food from Yayla Kuzdere or Gedelme before Tahtali pass and consume on your way to peak, as it’s a quite long walk. As you would guess, there’s no settlement (market etc.) between Yayla Kuzdere and Beycik. There’re several restaurants in Beycik and market. No market available between Beycik and Uludere as well, however in Uludere you will find good fish (trout) restaurants that we highly recommend to give a try. The options are fish (trout), meat, turkish pizza, soup, beer etc. Hospitality is fine and not expensive.

Accommodation: There are very nice camping places at the Tahtalı pass. But if you carry summertime clothes nights may be very cold even in spring. While descending to Beycik plain areas for a good camping is limited. In Beycik there are pensions to accomodate, no pension in Ulupinar. We requested one of the restaurants to tent in their garden and stayed there. Despite of Ulupinar, there is tenting option available in Beycik. Beycik Panaroma is very close to Beycik Mosque and provides tenting area and food (Mr.Sulfi, +90-242-816 12 20). But it was off season otherwise they would not accept it. You may also ask for it, but do not choose the ones by the noisy motorway, go down and walk close the stream and find a pleaceful one. If you cannot do this, follow the waymarks to Cirali, leave the restaurants behind and camp. This region of Lycian Way is more hilly compared to Fethiye paths (especially the route between Hisarçandır and Çıralı). So, we recommend the hikers to carry thier own tents –if they can- with them to feel more comfortable. The chance to find a pension on this route is limited.

Path Difficulty: We may say that the route is moderate as Mt. Tahtali has to be left behind. As you’ll ascend from 900 mt to 1800 mt, the first 3 km of the walk is exhausting but after that steepness will be mild. Depending on the season, there may be snow on the ground, so you have to be careful about a slide or cavities under the snow. A slow pace with a caution on snow is a better hiking tempo. If you have your walking poles with you that you begin to feel confident cause they’re really helpful while walking on snow. Do not step on the snow with your full body weight, walk slowly and keep calm. After you pass the Mt.Tahtali, ascending goes on a rocky but moderate path almost 3-4 km., then you’ll go into forest road which is easier. Between Beycik toUlupinar path is not difficult, except a few places, in fact the difficulty is the length of this route.

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.
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