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On Our Way to St.Nicholas Way (Demre/Kas)

We know our site is under construction (translations from Turkish to English) but we do not like to sit down and relax. Next week on Saturday (30 August 2014) we’ll be walking St.Nicholas Way which is a combination of routes connecting ancient paths, churches, historical places etc. St. Nicholas Way is connected to Lycian Way in Demre (Church of Angel Gabriel, Beloren or Myra), waymarked and completed by Beymelek Municipality. Demre/Kaş area keeps one of the most historical places in Teke Peninsula. There are lots of small/big cities and ruins which is really hard to visit all of them at once. Thanks to Beymelek Mayor, Osman Güngör for his kind efforts to make this route happen.

St Nicholas Way’s goal is to gather some of the historical places (mostly churches and small towns such as Alacahisar, Devekuyusu and Angel Gabriel Church. Sorry for Turkish names.) in one route located peaks of Demre & Kas.

Here's the link in Turkish;

Our plan is a 5/6 days walk and share our thoughts (accomodation, water etc.) about ths route with you where you may find detailed information on

Besides your walk, you have the chance to visit and accomodate at Beymelek Stone Houses after a hard walk. Let's keep in touch.

All the best.

Church of Angel Gabriel


We'll share our experiences (water, camp, waymarks and difficulty) after our walk.

Here's our plan if everything goes as smooth as we expect

1st DAY: (31 Aug Sunday)
Dereağzı – Ayıveliler – Ahmetler-Alacahisar Church-Asarcık
Approx. 27 km.
2nd DAY:
Asarcık-Devekuyusu Church-Zeytin-Belören-Turant-Church of Angel Gabriel
Approx. 18 km.
3rd DAY:
Church of Angel Gabriel-Günağı-Yılanbaşı-Beymelek Stone Houses-Bademli
Approx 16 km.
4th DAY:
Bademli-Belos-Serik Tepe-Decending to Lake Beymelek. Camping at Beymelek Stone Houses..
Approx. 11 km.
5th DAY:
9-10 hours of daily walk.Approx. 24 km. Turant Hill-Köşkerler-Demre Stream-İsion Castle and back to Beymelek Stone Houses

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