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New routes being added effective from Spring 2017 - Myra/Demre (just ask before you hike)

Nowadays new routes are being added on Lycian Way (LW). Current Cayagzi (Andriake)-Gurses-Myra route is not preferred by LW visitors. It is bypassed and generally after Cayagzi hikers are directed to Myra (Demre) or vice versa.

Gurses path will still exist but alternative routes are being waymarked on Hoyran-Davazlar-Tyrsa and Demre Stream that will connect hikers from Cayagzi to Myra.

This new route is more historical, contain many ancient settlements, marvellous sea views and nature as well that should be bypassed.

This new Hoyran-Davazlar-Tyrsa route between Andriake (Cayagzi)-Myra is being waymarked as of January 2017 and proposed to be ready in April 2017 hopefully. If you plan to hike in 2017 Spring, just ask whether this new route fully waymarked or not in order not to have any problems due to waymarks before you hike.

Thanks to everybody collaborating in this study.

Photos are taken by Baris from Andriake Camping located on Cayagzi Beach.

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