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We collected Wastes on Lycian Way - November 2017

We decided to give a “heads up” to the people regarding the increasing pollution on Lycian Way. Pollution is mainly due to camping wastes, such as cans, brewages, water bottles and wet wipes.

We volunteered for this and collected wastes and garbages on a popular Lycian Way path, Karaoz-Gelidonya Lighthouse-Adrasan-Olympos-Cirali.

This was a two day organisation that everybody came to the starting point (Karaoz) by their own. We fixed the date and decided a meeting point and we were all there. This was an organisation open to everybody.

In nature, we all pay attention to our clothings, tents etc. But we have to focus on the fact that we carry food and cleaning supplies from the city to the nature and leave the wastes of them an the garbage cans in the settlements which is a few kilometers away.

During the two-day walk, we encountered campfire, wet wipes, cans and PET bottles burned on random camp fires.

Thank you very much for all those who had contribution in this beautiful synergy. We can manage good things together.

Meanwhile, we planted an olive and carob trees at Gelidonya Lighthouse that were the commemoriatives for this organisation. Do not forget to water it if you go there. But get the water from the lighthouse’s cistern which is not drinkable.


Karaoz. Let's begin to walk.

Too many wastes collected.

This was the waste collected only in 3 km.

Gelidonya Lighthouse - 1
Our two trees are located on the slope at the right of this photo (not visible). 

Second Shot

In memory of this organisation.
Time to plant our Carob Tree

In memory of this organisation.
Olive tree.

On our way to Adrasan we came across this random camp fires. There were too many!!!

Second day begins. Adrasan.

From Adrasan to Cirali

Time to climb.

Autumn time in Lycia

Mt.Musa. This is another camp fire. You cannot dispose cans and glasses by fire???

From Mt.Musa to Cirali.

Break in sandalwood forrest.

Carrying wastes to Olympos.

We'd like to see the nature like this. No wastes in nature!!! 

Time to get rid of the wastes at Olympos.

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