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Published!!! Lycian Way Guide Book - Lycian Way "Step by Step"

Lycian Way Guide Book (first fourth presses were in Turkish). English version is available!!!

The most recent and up to date book for Lycian Way. Buy and walk...

"Adım Adım" Lycian Way ("Step by Step" in English) is a guide book that contains my notes and experiences as well. All versions is available in bookstores and internet. To support the publisher any digital versions are not available yet.

You can find it in "Amazon" web stores. You can search "Altug Senel" or "Step by Step Lycian Way" in Amazon. Let me know if it fails.

I did not write this book considering it as a guide. I took care to prepare the contents who want to hike but cannot due to several reasons. I tried to contain its history, nature, pre-walking preparations, visuals and "step by step" routes by not over-weighting in bags and memories. Fuat Gören translated the book into English. Thanks for his efforts.

It contains QR codes that makes it able to access GPS data of each track and information about the accommodations. So I would like you to see this book as a "frequently asked questions", not just a guide.

Of course, the book contains an A2-size map I prepared

Why "Step By Step"?

This is why it's a "step-by-step" series. This book is the beginning. Different trails will be published as "step by step".

With love...

Altuğ Şenel

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