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Day 5 - (Üzümlü - Akbel - Kalkan - Bezirgan - Sarıbelen)


Start: 09:10 am

Finish: 20:40 pm (all rests and stops are included)

Total distance: 23 km.

Water: You’ll have a chance to refresh your water, as that route passes through houses. In Akbel you may even buy some supplies. There’s no water problem between Üzümlü and Akbel as there’s settlement. In Akbel you may provide your needs from the grocery store, however there’s not any grocery store in Bezirgan and Sarıbelen. Leaving Bezirgan is a hard ascent. Between Bezirgan and Sarıbelen there are many steep ascents and descents, no settlement and no water.

Food: As you’ll pass through from Akbel, food will not be a problem. The place that you pass through at Üzümlü has many opportunities to get supplies.  In Bezirgan and Sarıbelen you would not find food, so you may get some more from Akbel and reserve in your backbag.

Accommodation: Accomodation around Kalkan & Akbel won’t be a problem. After you make your peak to Bezirgan you’ll have the chance to find pensions here. If you prefer to walk, you may continue to Saribelen where you may find a local and helpful person who may help you for camp and food supply, Neset (+90-539-331 54 85). Just ask for him in Saribelen whenever you walk in the village. There is also fresh water available in his garden as well. If you plan to stay at a pension, Die Pause Pension is available since 2013 as well (Janine, +90-530-434 03 09). Tents are accepted as well.

Path Difficulty: This path is more difficult compared with Xanthos area cause after Uzumlu you go into mule path where they take you to Akbel. While descending to Akbel you need to be careful and try to follow the waymarks carefully cause some areas contain crumbled small rocks where slippage may occur. Following the signs at these places are difficult as well. As you keep descending paths becomes easier to walk.
In Akbel you may do a daily walk to Patara (consider a day walk to Delikkemer ruins and Patara) or continue to Kalkan and Bezirgan. If you want to spend more than one day you may go down to Kalkan and stay at a pension there. Kalkan is an extended village with lots of villas and boutique hotels, active for 12 months. In order to go to Kalkan and want to swim or see the village, you need to go down to sea level but keep in your mind that if you plan to continue to Bezirgan and Saribelen you’ll need to go up again.
For Bezirgan and Saribelen, you need to follow the asphalt road about 4 km. (2.5 miles) until you see the an old Ottoman cistern and signpost where it takes you to Bezirgan and Saribelen. Ascending to Bezirgan is long and steep and you won’t be able to watch marvellous Kalkan views sometime later. So don’t be in a hurry. You need to keep on walking slowly by long climbs and zigzags. Give yourself short rests to recover and whenever you’ll come across the old wooden grain barns, where Bezirgan welcomes you.
If you plan to continue to Sarıbelen give a short break and prepare for a steep and long climb. This is not a natural climb, it is very steep and runs parallel to the new asphalt road connecting Bezirgan to Sarıbelen and Kalkan.
As you'll be ascending a lot in a short while do not miss to watch marvellos Bezirgan view that you leave behind. This path will take you to an old unused road which leads to TV&Radio transmitter station. Your direction should be towards to transmitter but do not go to the transmitter station!!! On this unused road (when you complete your climb from Bezirgan) you'll see a small water distribution station (small concrete building). Pass the water distribution station and after 1 km. (0.6 miles) you'll need to descend to the asphalt highway road below. Waymarks may not be visible due to excavations and minor erosions but your target is to descend to the road below. Saribelen can be seen from this peak point which settles on the other side of the road. This is one of the most annoying part of this route unfortunately. Keep calm cause you'll start descending through wastes and excavation. As you keep descending you'll leave this chaos behind.
After you get to the highway you’ll be able to see the signpost on the road which directs you to pass the road and walk from the fields for a while and ascend for Saribelen. As you walk inside the fields waymarks may not be visible here but no worries cause making your way straight ahead will take you into Saribelen.
Briefly this path can be considered as moderate except some specific paths at Bezirgan area.

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.
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