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Day 4 - (Pdynee - Letoon - Kumluova - Kinik - Xanthos - Cavdir - Caykoy - Uzumlu)


Start: 08:40

Finish: 19:50 (all rests and stops are included, such as breakfast, lunch, market, general needs etc.)

Total distance: 30 km.

Water: Route passes through many settled areas, water supply won’t be a problem for you. However, you may provide your needs at the grocery stores on your way. It’s better if you refill your water bottle while leaving Çavdır as you’ll walk on a path without water and there’ll no water till Çayköy.  Between Çayköy and Üzümlü the path goes through historical water channels carriying watyer to Xanthos in ancient times and through stream ways, you will definetely have chance to refill your water bottles. It’s better if you have a water break between Çayköy and Üzümlü just after you pass the ancient Rome Bridge at İnsuyu. As stated in previous route, after you pass Özlen Stream (after Pydnai), water & food supply will not be a problem.

Food: Just like water supply, route passes through many settled areas so food supply will not be a problem. There are restaurants in Kumluova and Kınık. You may even request domatoes and peppers froms the people working in the greenhouses. Most of them are so helpful. There’s a grocery store in Çavdır. However, Çayköy is a very small village consists of just a few houses, so you may not find food in there. Prepare yourself to have a tasteful meal in Üzümlü. There’s a restaurant just in the centre of the village. You may have pide (kind of a Turkish pizza) or alabalık (trout) there, which we liked so much. Breakfast is available there as well if you plan to camp in Üzümlü. Rıza runs the restaurant (+90-531-781 47 84). There is another alternative which is Gazkesmez Camping serves food and camping accommodation (Erdal Keçe, Mobile Phone +90-532-344 17 91) as well.

Accommodation: Historical places on your way (Letoon and Xanthos) are among the settlement areas, so you may have the chance to camp nearby or possibly find a hostel in Kınık. But do not forget Kınık is a settlement which you may get dissapointed if you're planning to spend a silent night. If you would like to have detailed visit to Letoon and Xanthos, you have to consider to spare half of a day in total for these visits. Camping is definetely available in Çavdır/Çayköy but no accomodation (hostel) available. In Üzümlü, you may stay at the village’s guesthouse or on the second floor of the restaurant on your sleeping mats on the floor. But need to ask first cause if there are customers he may not allow you to camp there (anyway beware of the mosquitos). In the last few years second floor started to be used as a cafe but Rıza who runs both restaurant and cafe may help for accomodation (+90-531-781 47 84).
Starting from 2014, you are able to find local accomodation options in Uzumlu. Villa Lapaz is one of them. (Metin Önder, Mobile Phone +90-538 851 50 59). Accomodation and tenting is allowed. He runs the pension between October and June. You may give him a call before you go. Villa Lapaz is very close to Uzumlu Mosque (350 m. approx.). You may ask for help at Uzumlu centre..
Starting from 2016 Gazkesmez Camping started to serve food and camping accommodation (Erdal Keçe, Mobile Phone +90-532-344 17 91) which is down the mosque where waymarks do not pass in front of it. You may ask for directions.

Path Difficulty: The path goes flat until Xanthos and ascending starts after you leave Xanthos, you need to walk on the motorway to Çavdır, a place which has a reputation for growing pepper at greenhouses. After Çavdır you’ll take a peaceful the path again and walk an easy route until Çayköy. There’re many slopes to be climbed between Çayköy and Üzümlü, you’ll mostly walk on the historical water channels at that route. Please watch your steps here. Just before you reach to Üzümlü you’ll pass many peaks. So these peaks may possibly cause trouble (even if you're tired or exhausted) if you do not watch your steps carefully. Briefly, the whole route is easy (not very easy but not moderate). However it’s a long walk if you plan to walk between Letoon and Xanthos. You may prefer to take a taxi or dolmuş between Letoon and Xanthos to save time.

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.
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