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Day 3 - (Sidyma - Dodurga - Bel - Belcegiz - Gavuragili - Pdynee)


Start: 08:00

Finish: 19:30 (all rests and stops are included, such as breakfast, lunch, market, general needs etc.)

Total distance: 25 km.

Water: You have to refresh your water bottles while passing through the villages. On this path, there is water at Dodurga, Bel and Gavurağılı, however you will not find any water sources between the settlements, in any case if you would excessively need some water before or after Bel, there are a few houses that would be asked for water and food. But don't worry cause the distance between villages are not so huge. Only reminder is Bel-Gavuragili path, because you do not stop by Belceğiz village, you water bottles should be filled after Bel, that’s why descent to Gavurağılı is a long way without water. After Gavurağılı you will have to climb up a hill to reach Pdynee, on the beginning of that climb, you would find 2 separate water sources on your way (on rural road). The most visible one is just by the “forest pool”. That pool is for water supply for a possible fire. After you climb over the hill and you'll be able to see Pdynee which is an old Roman castle. descent to visit Pdynee and pass the bridge over Özlen Stream, obtaining water or food will not be a problem until Xanthos (Kınık) as you’ll be walking among houses and greenhouses (sera).

Food: There are no grocery shop in Dodurga, Bel, Gavurağılı and around Pdynee. But do not worry you can ask for tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, bread from the people you meet if you're stuck with food supply. If it’s not a summertime walk, the closest grocery  is around 2-3 km after you pass the Özlen Stream. Briefy, there are not any groceries on this path. However, people are friendly in Dodurga and Bel and they would be happy to help you about food. Just as an additional info, although it’s not a grocery, there’s a guesthouse while entering to Gavurağılı (from Fethiye side) that food and beverages would be supplied. But we cannot guarantee that it may be still open at the time you hike, because Gavuragili is an active village.

Accommodation: Accomodation available in Bel (Fatma Pension, +90-553-271 48 59 or +90-539-693 33 85) where room, shower and food available. No accomodation opportunitues in Belceğiz, however there’s guesthouse in Gavurağılı but not sustainable. Lucky if you find it in service (it may be open or closed. Operator keep on changing). If you do not carry a tent or camping materials you would have to continue to Pydnai or Kumluova. After passing the Pydnai and Ozlen Stream there are two lodgings available. Patara Green Park (+90-533-144 03 08, +90-252-677 73 73) is at the beach side which serves food, a few bungalow type accomodation and tent platforms available. Other one is 1.5 km. inside the beach, Ozlen Pension (+90-532-255 85 12, +90-252-677 76 35). This is a typical pension and the oldest one in this region.

Path Difficulty: The whole path is not difficult, however, beginning from Belceğiz there’s a long descent on the rocky slopes to Gavurağılı, and afterwards climbing to the hill would be a little compelling especially you start to feel tired. The view around is beautiful, no waymarking problems. Even if you miss the marks between Dodurga and Bel as there was a road constrution zone in here, the Lycian path goes parallel to that road just 40-50 metres above, it wouldn’t be a problem if you would have to take the road. The Lycian Way and the road goes parallel until Bel. Just be careful after you leave Bel (from Fethiye to Antalya direction) the marks become too rare on the motorway, and avoid walking down to the valley on the motorway. You need to make your direction not into the deep valley you see, you need to make your way to the right direction and start to climb for Belcegiz. After Gavuağılı the ascent and descent to Pydnee is not steep but long.

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.
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