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Day 2 - (Kabak Beach – Alinca – Bogazici – Sidyma) or (Gey Path)


Start: 08:30

Finish: 19:30 (all rests and stops are included, such as breakfast, lunch, market, general needs etc.)

Total distance: 19 km.

Water: You have to refresh your water bottles while passing though the villages. Mostly, there are water sources in the villages, however you won’t see any water springs between settlements. In anycase, if you have an intent to track Lycian Way marks and never take the motorway -just like we did- then you have to fill your bottles in Alinca as it will take some time to reach Boğaziçi village where water supply will be a problem. Between Kabak and Alinca there is no water supply available either so fill up the bottles in Kabak either.

Food: In Alinca there is a local pension called Bayram's Place now Catchy Camping (formerly run by Bayram now Ozkan), or the first house on the path from Fethiye side. However, Ozkan has detailed information about all the paths at that region. For the last few years most of the local people in Alinca began to serve for hikers as well.
There are many houses around while walking to Bogazici village by the motorway. In Bogazici you may find water, even a small grocery store. Though, there’s not a long way from Boğaziçi to Sidyma. In any case Rasıh Mete (+90-536-814 48 82) or Sidyma Homes (+90-536-474 07 73,+90-536-725 17 95) would help you about anything at Sidyma (Dodurga Village). 

Accommodation: There are accomodation avaible in Alinca. However, on your way you may camp on anywhere you want. In Alinca, there are bungalows formerly ran by Bayram (Bayram's Place) now by Özkan as Catchy Camping (effective from 2016), Catchy Camping where they serve food, accomodation and internet service as well (+90-535-746 72 87, +90-545-881 50 54, or Even you do not want to camp you may stop for a tea, meal or refreshment. Leaving Catchy Camping and begin to go down, after a 5 minutes of walk there is Omer's Place (Manzara Pension), run by Omer as well (+90-535-939 10 06, +90-554-833 60 05). They do not have bungalows but they have rooms to stay at. No accomodation option available in Bogazici but before you leave the motoway and enter the path ascending to Sdyma, On left hand side of the motorway there is Tan Bufe, run by a local person, Dogan. tan Bufe is a small grocery and serves food and refreshmets as well (+90-536-929 84 28). If you want to camp in Sidyma/Dodurga this market is you only chance to fill up your food and water bottles. For the last few years local people started to run their houses like pensions. Sdyma Homes is one of them run by a Canadian lady, Brea and Fatma (+90-536-474 07 73,+90-536-725 17 95). If you have the chance just give them a call before you arrive. They help for food as well if you do not want to accomodate. There are also local people available for accomodation and food. (Aynur, +90-531-211 82 34), (Sidika & Cemil, +90-538-527 49 15) or (Rasıh Mete, +90-536-814 48 82).

Hikers, prefer to take "Ge" Path: After the old Ottoman Cistern Lycian Way splits into two. "Ge" and "Bogazici/Sidyma". You have to prefer one. Comparing their difficulty they both seem same but "Bogazici/Sidyma" path seems longer and harder. "Ge" path is a coastal walk (not able to swim) where you'll have marvellous sea views over Seven Capes which little easier compared with Bogazici/Sidyma. Besides Ge path Bogazici/Sidyma path consists of an ancient Lycian and Roman city, Sidyma which will attract the visitors with different types of Roman ruins and traditional village life. Today Sidyma's Turkish name is Dodurga and local people live here. May be worth to see its attacting nature cause Sidyma is the first main ancient city that you meet after you begin walking from Fethiye/Ovacik.

For the ones who decides to choose "Ge" direction, tenting, accommodation and market facilities are available. Accomodation is limited, depends on how many people you are. So it may be a better idea to give call before you go to Ge.

To provide the contact details in Ge, Ge Market, run by Tahir Kilic (+90-539-859 09 59), tenting, accommodation and market available. Another one is Lycian Market, run by Celal Goktas (+90-534-470 89 86), where he has the same facilities with Ge Market. For a pension type accomodation Muhtar's Place (+90-506-798 16 37) serves food and B&B service as well.

People always have solution if there is no room available in here. Where ever you are there are always solutions on Lycian Way.

Path Difficulty: The path can be considered as a moderate one in general. From Kabak to Alinca path goes like a dream. A very beautiful path goes in the forest, but there are some climbs. However, you have to be careful while leaving Alinca to Antalya direction, that’s why the signs are so weak and mostly lost because of the landslides. The downhill slope would be dangerous if it’s raining (we even met hailstorm on that path where made us wait for a while) as the ground and the rocks would be slippery. Please also be careful while you pass the valley after Alinca (to Antalya direction). There’s a motorway after the cistern. There is a climb almost 1-2 km long from Boğaziçi to Sidyma not as difficult as climbing to Alinca from Kabak.

At the cistern Lycian Way will divide into two sections. One of them is Sidyma, other one is Gey. They all meet at Bel Village. We decided to take the Sidyma option where we would be able to see the ancient ruins

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.
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