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Day 1 - (Hisarcandir - Goynuk)


Start: 06:30 am

Finish: 19:30 pm (all rests and stops are included)

Total distance: 32 km. (Hisarcandir - Goynuk National Park 25 km., Goynuk National Park – Camping Area (3km. after you pass Alayapı Bel ( Alayapı Pass) on the route to Goynuk Yayla by the only water source). Unfortunately signposts are not accurate.

Water: No water problem. You may fill half of your water bottles in Hisarcandir and you are able to refresh at the fountains on your route to upland settlements. At the higher level (1460 mt) fill the bottles before you leave the tarmac road and follow the paths to descend. (where tarmac road ends and the rough path begins, in other words, the time you see the sign for Goynuk 11 km.). So all the way down to Goynuk National Park, there will be no water source and it is a long and tiring walk. Keep your bottles filled before you leave upland settlements. As you come closer to National Park, the path will be followed by a stream so water will not be problem. After you leave Goynuk National Park and make your route to Goynuk Yayla, you will not have any water source for a long period of time. So, you’ll need to fill up your bottles at National Park area. Keep your water with you during this long and steep ascent for 4-5 km. After 7 km of walk from National Park and begin ascending to a valley base (3 km after the Alayapı Pass), under a pine tree you’ll be able to see the only water spring on the path until you arrive to the base of the valley. Water is very clean and drinkable here.

Food: On the route, there’s no grocery and restaurant. Depending on the season you walk, you may not have the chance that you will meet local people at uplands to request food or anythingelse. Before you start to walk, make sure that you complete all your food supplies and general needs from Antalya city center. Depending on the season (except winter), there are some facilities at Goynuk National Park so food and drinks will be available possibly. However, Goynuk is a town where you may find anything you need (but it’s not so close to National Park). Anyway, rather than taking any risks, it’s better to carry your food supply with you during Hisarcandir-Goynuk National Park-Goynuk Yayla routes.

Accommodation: If you carry your tent with you, accomodation will not be a problem, however it is not allowed to camp at the heart of Goynuk National Park region and they request you to camp in the forest. For trekkers without a tent, the only option for accomodation is, leaving National Park heading to Goynuk and stay at one of the pensions right after you exit National Park. There is no need to walk till Goynuk which is 3-4 km. of walk if you plan to continue to Goynuk Yayla next day. You have to come back to National Park again to continue your walk.

Path Difficulty: This region (Antalya paths) consists of most difficult trails of entire Lycian Way. To arrive Hisarcandir it is better to take a taxi cause there is only one or two dolmus from Antalya everyday. At first you begin from tarmac road but after you start to walk from paths your hiking experience begins. There are dozens of trees collapsed on the path that make you walk slower, reduce your pace and lose the waymarks (because of their older age, storms or fires). So, you'll have to bend over or jump over these. There are landslides, erosion areas on the path as well.You have to walk carefully and slowly. The Lycian Way signposts on the path indicates the distance between Hisarcandir and Goynuk as 19km, but that's not correct. The trail is more than they show (The truth is 25 km. from Hisarcandir to Goynuk National Park. Not Goynuk. Hisarcandir-Goynuk is 29-30 km. approx.). Anyway keep calm and enjoy the silence while you walk among the trees.The descent from Hisarcandir to National Park is so long and sometimes makes you feel monotonous under the pine trees. After you leave the National Park finding the initial waymarks may be frustrating, so you have to walk into the valley where the stream comes from, pass the bridge to the other side of the stream and on the left hand side after 50-100 meters, you are able to see the main Goynuk Yayla signpost. At first you cannot see the waymarks but do not worry. Follow the path and you’re going to see it. This route consists of long and steep ascends and descends taking you to Goynuk Yayla over Goynuk Canyon that may be called one of the hardest route of whole Lycian Way (mainly long zig zags, long climbs, walk on stream bed etc.).

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.
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