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Items to take with you during your Lycian Way walk (Camping advices)

You need to get spesific items with you during your walk. We appreciate you’ll travel from your country to Turkey not only for Lycian Way but let us kindly remind you to carry a lighter backpack.

First of all if you have chance to leave some of your belongings in your main hotel or a place where it is secure or make daily walks that’s the best idea.

If get whatever you like with you your walk may become a nightmare in a very short term. Less stuff, more walk.

So let's make a start:

Tent: Depending on the season you’ll walk a light backpacking tent (three season) will be sufficient. A four season Mountaineering Tent is generally heavier than a simple backpacking version. So it’s up to you to make this choice. Antalya’s weather is generally sunny but during autumn and spring time which we always prefer heavy rain may occur.  So if you have the chance to make a last minute tent decision it’s better to check the weather forecast. Accomodation is always available whereever you walk on Lycian Way. So no worries on this.

But if you plan to walk different sections (Aegean, Istanbul, Cappadocia or Black Sea region) in Turkey, you need to consider your main travel plans for tent decision as well.

Please note that our recommendations are for Lycian Way and Antalya region only. We’re not here to teach how to act during camping, only directing you to get less items according to Antalya conditions as much as we can.

Sleeping Bag: Prefer lighter and less in volume version. Antalya’s weather may be rainy but never has heavy winter. So a “summit” version which is heavier in weight will not be that much required. Just check weather forecast before your walk of course. You may prefer bivvi bag if you wish.

Mat: Fingers crossed. A mat is always required. But to save volume you may prefer a self-inflating or foldable sleeping mat

Backpack: Do not prefer more than 50-60 liters. Bigger backpack more you load stuff in it. But at the end you’re a traveller in abroad so insisting for a smaller backpack may a worthless comment. But it’s a good idea to prefer a backpack where you can easily access to bottom or middle sections by a zipper without unzipping the top. It needs to contain a rain cover as well.

Shoes: Shoes are the most important content of your walk. Lycian Way generally consists of goat and stony paths where your shoes can easily have deformation in short term. So try to prefer a stiffer shoe which is padded, breathable and waterproof.  Consider a high cut design for your ankle safety and rock slipper linings outside. One more reminder, please test and wear the shoes for a period of time in the city or hikes before you start walking to make your feet get used to your new shoes. This will reduce the possibility of blister and chafing during your walk.

Clothing: Clothing depends on your travel period and duration of your stay in Turkey. For Lycian Way; 3 or 4 T-Shirts, long sleeved preferably midweight fleece and light/midweighed trousers which may be convertible/waterproof. Do not prefer insulated versions. Will be too hot for Antalya. If you prefer to walk with trousers you may have two or three. It’s up to you. For underwear prefer cotton or you may combine your underwear with your swimwear containing it’s own underwear. Sea always calls you in Antalya so do not forget your swinmwears. A light towel as well. Trekking socks, hat and rain cover for combining yourself and your backpack are required as mandatory.

Food: As you’ll keep on passing the villages and towns by you won’t have any trouble with food supply. On our blog we mentioned all necessary food supply information path by path. To save weight we recommend not to carry all your food supply with you cause in Lycian Way –depending on the path you walk- you always have chance to fill up your food packs from groceries, markets or from people that live in villages.

To save money or make a real camp life you may carry gas stove as well. As you’ll be always close to accomodation and settlements during your walk in Lycian Way it’s up to you whether you’d like to get rid of carrying stoves, cooking sets and utensils. We prefer to consume canned food but not with its can. Nowadays canned food are supplied in hard plastic bags as well (such as tuna fish, aubergine, beans etc.). Prefer to carry not more than 3 or 4 meal, depending on your program. Prefer to carry pita bread, wrap or toasted (crouton) bread. They have long life for consumption and less in volume compared with bread. You can carry (not too much) dried fruits and nuts for short breaks. These are all available in every market.

For breakfast you may prefer honey, nutella, olive paste, peanut butter in tube.

Briefly, there are lots of food suplly is available during your Lycian Way walk. Even you walk 1 day away from villages second day you need to pass a village by. No way out.

Other necessary equipments;

  • Water bottle
  • Walking Poles (mandatory)
  • Charger for your Mobile, Photographic Equipments (You may charge whereever you stop. Even in villages)
  • Maps, guides, dictionary and your personal notes
  • Pair of sandals (you may need it if you’d like to swim or accomodate)
  • Photographic equipments
  • Swiss army knife or traveller kit
  • Medicine (vitamin, aspirin, talcum powder, bandage, second skin bandage for water baloons etc.)
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, small soap
  • Wet towels (required for all general needs)
  • ID cards, Passports, Credit Cards (in order not to carry lots of cash with you. In towns you’re able to withdraw money or use you credit card. Not in villages.)
  • Headlight or Tent Light equipped with long life, battery saver LEDs
  • Match or  Lighter (for small camp fires. But beware of windy conditions)
  • Battery (if you use a GPS or any other equipment with a short battery life)
  • Small nylon bags. (generally used in fridge freezers, small or mid in size. You’ll need them to carry your trash and make things easier to seperate).
  • Elastic rubber band (to make your stuff easier to access, seperate your tshirts, socks etc.)
  • Towel (if you want to swim)

Oter items that are not mandatory but dependes on your personal decision:
  • Sun cream
  • Sun glasses
  • GPS (Lycian Way paths are visible and really hard to lose your way but other new trails require GPS. If you do not have a GPS you may download the route into your cellular phone.)
  • Ipod for music (music is always music)
  • Dog Repellent (Not mandatory on Lycia, St.Nicholas or Caria but you may definetely require a repellent on Phrygian Trail)

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