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DAY 12 - (Bogazcik - Limanagzi - Kas) - Kekova Routes


Start: 07:30 (starting from Finike)

Finish: 16:40 (all breaks are included)

Total distance: 23 km. (in more details; starting from Boğazcık and descending to the coast, called Uzumlu 6 km., from Uzumlu to Ufakdere  6 km., from Ufakdere to  Limanagzi 6 km.,from Limanagzi to Kas 5 km.)

Water: Briefly we may say that there’s no water supply on the whole route. However, there’re some cisterns on your way but none of them seems to be drinkable. Whether you begin your walk from Bogazcik or Kas, you’ll have to fill up all your water bottles and consume your supplies carefully. Beginning from 2016 there was a small shop in Ufakdere (Fakdere) run by a local person but now it is closed effective from Spring 2017. You may buy water from Ufakdere but it may be closed. So do not consider that this place is open during your hike.
The trail is long, during hot weather conditions carry plenty of water with you and consume carefully. There’re some pensions at Limanagzi coast that you can buy the water from there if you're really exhausted.
When you go down to sea level from Bogazcik, after a 1 km walk you'll come across a plain place with olive trees around. This is Uzumlu Port and there is a fountain inside the port if you stop and follow the dirt road that climbs up to Bayindir village. But sometimes it may be dry. There is no guarantee that you 'll find the water here.

Food: This is one of the most isolated route of the whole Lycian Way like Adrasan-Gelidonya Lighthouse-Karaoz. Although on the map you are able to see some villages and settlements however you are not able to find any person or water there like Okcuoldugu. There are some buildings at Ufakdere but during our hikes. As stated on "water" section above, there is a small market, run by a local person but now it is closed effective from Spring 2017. It may be open but not sustainable. Do not start your hike considering that there is an open shop in Ufakdere.
Briefly, if you make your consumptions carefully this is a long and peaceful route goes by the seaside from Kaş to Boğazcık. If you don’t plan to camp along the way, it’s better to carry some food for lunch. The route is long and can be tiring so a long and lunch break will be good. To summarise, there’s no water and food supply (market, villages) available.

Accomodation: Between Limanagzi and Bogazcik the whole area is not allowed for settlement (being an historical area) so that there’s no pension to accomodate. However, camping is a good option as the view is lovely, but you have to carry plenty of water with you both for camp and walk. Briefly, on the whole route camping is the only option for a stay. For camping you may prefer Uzumlu coast which is located 6 km. after Bogazcik or Ufakdere Port for camping.

Difficulty: We need to say that this route is the toughest one in Kekova region (Kekova area is between Demre/Cayagzi and Kas). It’s tough because it’s long, isolated, waterless and rocky paths. While approaching Limanagzi from Bogazcik, after Cobanplajı coast (2-3 km. before Limanagzi) you have to be careful while you walk on the rocks.
After Bogazcik, you’ll walk by a dirt road and then an easy mule path until you reach to the Uzumlu coast and see the very small island Kormen. After Uzumlu you’ll begin to walk on rocky paths where it requires attention. As the lack of water in this route a problem and the second one is the 80% of the paths are narrow and rocky. On top of this, last part of the trail can be compelling.

After leaving Bogazcik for 9-10 km. you’ll come to the slopes of Inonu Bay where you are able to see some Blue Voyage boats. After a moderate ascend you’ll see the Lycian Way signpost as “6 km to Limanagzi”. After this signpost descending to Ufakdere begins. Around here, you may have some difficulty to find the waymarks. While descending to Ufakdere, it’s useless to look for the signs, all you have to do is to take the dirt road until you see the "Ufakdere" signpost.
However, after you follow the dirt road, you may not see the signs but do not panic cause after you start your walk on the dirt road you’ll begin to see the signs shortly. Consume your water supplies carefully and after all these friendly warnings do not forget to enjoy the marvellous Kekova views. You may swim at Cobanplaji, Ufakdere, Uzumlu or Limanagzi. It's up to you.
Finally, this route is not the toughest of the whole Lycian Way but during hot weather conditions and without enough water route will turn to nightmare for anyone.
It is really a better idea "not to walk the Kekova Area during summer". This is the magic and important keyword.

Important Notice for the people walking Kas to Bogazcik:

Especially for the hikers walking from opposite direction (Kas to Bogazcik) while making your ascend to Bogazcik after you leave the seaside behind waymarks was changed (starting from 2015) by some local people because of commercial reasons (more visitors, more money). You will come to a "T" type junction after you pass a goat pen and connect to a dirt road after 1 km. during while ascending to Bogazcik. This change is not done on the goat paths, done on a "dirt road". When you see this junction you will directly come across fresher and brighter waymarks on your right-hand side. DO NOT TURN RIGHT. Take the sea on your left-hand side and turn LEFT and follow the dirt road. You come across the original waymarks after a few steps.

For the people walking to Kas from Bogazcik will not have this chaos probably because generally they make their way by descending to the sea level which is the right direction.

The reason we made this notification some hikers are getting lost and returning back where they began to ascend (back to sea level again). After returning back they requested help by phone. This location became a real chaos and we're trying to change it to its original route again.

We have a post (in Turkish) that describes the change in details. We went to see and document this problem in spring of 2016.

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.
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