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DAY 11 - (Ucagiz - Aperlae - Kilicli - Bogazcik) - Kekova Routes


Start: 08:00

Finish: 17:10 (all breaks are included)

Total distance: 17 km. (Ucagiz-Aperlae 9 km., Aperlae-Bogazcik 8 km.)

Water: Water sources are limited or none on Kekova paths (paths between Cayagzi and Kas). This is one of them. We may even say that there’s no water available on your way to Bogazcik except Aperlae Purple House (Asar Bay) or Ramazan’s Place (Sicak Bay). Before leaving Ucagiz take plenty of water with you. Purple House and Ramazan’s Place are run by local people where you may find other drinks to refresh or order a meal. No water source available on this route. There are many cisterns on your way but they don’t seem to be drinkable. After leaving Ucagiz, there’s a well at a location where fresh water mix into the sea. Because of this water is salty. No way to drink. Water (fountain) is available in Bogazcik. No worries.

Food: You’re now in the middle of Kekova region. If you have a breakfast in Kalekoy or Ucagiz or buy your meal from the market in Ucagiz, it’ll be sufficient for you to reach Aperlae with a single meal or none, you may even continue to Boğazcık after a 3-4 hours of walk. However, Aperlae Purple House is a very nice play to have your meal, swim and accomodate. Meal is available at Ramazan’s place as well but no accomodation available. In Boğazcık there’re two facilities run by local people Apollonia Lodge or Ali's House or Apollonia Lodge. You may prefer one of them.

Accomodation: If you do not care much about luxury and wish to have a night in nature and history, it’ll be a good decision to stay at Purple House, Aperlae. There are rooms available for the people who do not camp. Purple House is the best choice for a comfortable accomodation. Riza Cuce lives here with his family who collects rain water during autumn and winter time into the huge cisterns for consumption. You’ll definetely enjoy to listen to his story while you’re there. (Riza Cuce,+90-539-8599196, +90-538-2176183). You’ll not regret staying there. Do not miss to create some spare time to see the Aperle Ruins and read its story from the academic articles at Purple House we left for you. Before Aperlae, there’s Ramazan's Place, but accomodation at Purple House makes sense.

Bogazcik is a small Kekova settlement where you may camp or accomodate at pensions and have food. No market available. Apollonia Lodge (Saffet +90-535-5921236) or Ali's House (+90-536-6781910, +90-539-9214042) are the options. You may prefer one of these. If you stay here do not miss to see Apollonia Ruins.

Difficulty: The route between Ucagiz to Bogazcik is not hard. After leaving Ucagiz you’re going to walk on a narrow path for 3-4 km. through sharp rocks and thorny bushes following the quiet and peaceful Ucagiz Bay. After leaving the seaside (Ucagiz Bay) the path ascends to Degirmenlik but this easy ascend won’t take much time. After Degirmenlik you’ll be walking on a plain area for some time then make a short descend to plain Sicak area (sea level) and arrive to Aperlae afterwards.

After leaving Aperlae you’ll be ascending to 400 m. of elevation towards Yassıdag and Kilicli Village. You may need some rest during the climb, where it ends when you reach to the dirt road near Kilicli. This is the hardest section of this particular route.

Another easy walk from hillside of Asar Hill where Apollonia ruins located at. You’re able to see the ruins at the top from the hillside you’re walking at. This plain and easy route after dirt road will take you to Bogazcik.

To emphasize once more, hardest sections of this route would be walking through rocky and thorny bushes right after leaving Ucagiz and ascend to Yassidag after Aperlae. There is no waymarking problem on the route. All the trail is well marked and paths are quite visible and clear.

The route is not too long and considered to be easy if you give appropriate breaks. Enjoy the beatiful views. You’re going to pass by but take your bags off and see Aperlai ruins. Snorkelling in Aperlae and see its sunken portion would be good in the morning time while the sea is calmer than noon time. Purple House have googles as well. No need to carry your own. This part of the route is one of the peaceful part of the earth. Live it. You’re going to love it.

If you arrive to Bogazcik at an early time, leave your bags at where you accomodate and ascend to Asar Hill to see the ancient ruins of Apollonia. It may take up to 2 hours to go and come back again.

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.
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