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DAY 10 - (Cayagiz - Kapakli - Kalekoy/Simena - Ucagiz/Teimiussa) - Kekova Routes


Start: 08:45

Finish: 16:50 (all breaks are included)

Total Distance: 16 km. (Cayagzi-Kapakli 6 km., Kapakli-Kalekoy/Simena 7 km., Kalekoy/Simena-Uçagiz/Teimiussa 3 km.)

Water: Water sources are limited or none on Kekova paths (paths between Cayagzi and Kas). There are many cisterns on your way but many of them are dry and they do not contain drinkable water. Boiling would be an option if are run out of water but if you fill your bottles in necessary locations water problem can easily be solved. Local people use water in cisterns for goats. We do not recommend you to drink water from the cisterns. Fill your bottles while leaving Cayagzi. Kalekoy is the next stop for water supply. Ucagiz cemetery has a fountain where you’ll be passing by. It’s 3 km far away from Ucagiz. If you extremely need water between Cayagzi and Kalekoy (13 km.), you may leave the paths for a while and go up to Kapakli Village, settled 300 m. above the trail. However, if you have 1-1.5 lt water with you, the trail can be completed easily without any problem. Our advice is for emergency only. Keep the Kapakli advice in your mind in case of an emergency.

Food: Ucagiz is a touristic location where you will find anything you want to eat (fish, meat, salads, Turkish appetizers/starters/mezes etc.). If you do not want to spend money in restaurants, there are markets that you can buy canned food. As this route is not so long, food will not be a problem. One meal will be sufficient if required. After having a good meal (breakfast) in Cayagzi will take you to Ucagiz. But, if you plan to camp on this route then you have to consider to carry your food and water with you. Gokkaya Bay is a well known location as camping location, located after Kapakli.

Accomodation: Kekova is a very special location. Peaceful, beautiful and natural place. It still preserves its history. Even there’re many pensions to accomodate in Ucagiz you may prefer to camp and sleep in a tent under the stars. Accomodation in Ucagiz may not be cheap if you hike close to high season (between May and September). Camping is a problem in Ucagiz where you look for a suitable place definetely. You may ask for a place but if you are not able to find you may camp after leaving Ucagiz where there are a few plain areas for one or two tents. There is a huge location close to Ucagiz cemetery you may prefer to walk back to Ucagiz cemetery and camp by seaside.

There are accomodation options available in Kalekoy/Simena as well. Apart from the many accomodation options in Kalekoy and Ucagiz, Mehtap Pension (Saffet / +90-535-592 12 36) located in Kalekoy, not Ucagiz is the most suitable option for camping. In order to go Kalekoy you need to walk back to Ucagiz cemetery then walk the 1 km. path that take you to Ancient city of Simena and Kalekoy. Kalekoy is 15-20 minutes from the cemetery by foot.

Mehtap Pension has shower, WC, restaurant availability for hikers. You may put your tent on and make your day finalise in here. Kekova may force you to make a day off and enjoy a full free day here. You may enjoy the sea (swimming or canoeing), go up and see the castle and ruins of Simena or plan a boat trip to sunken city. Saffet from Mehtap Pension or the place where you accomodate may organize a boat trip for you. Do not hesitate to ask for help. There are lots of things to do in Ucagiz and Kalekoy.

Difficulty: Route is mainly plain and not so hard. Paths and waymarks are visible. Probably one third of the trail goes along the wide plain areas of Kalekoy. After Ucagiz cemetery (Kalekoy) to Ucagiz (3 km in total) is a dirt road where it is easy to walk. However the rest of the trail is rocky and narrow you need to be carefut but it is not hard to hike. If you have enough time, give breaks and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful view. Swimming breaks in Cakil Beach (3 km. after Cayagzi) or Gokkaya Bay will do good. We recommend you to forget about your steps and breath the history, sea and nature of Kekova.

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.
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