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DAY 6 - (Karaoz - Mavikent - Kumluca - Finike) - Connection route to Southern Paths


Start: 09:45

Finish:17:40 (all rests and stops are included)

Total Distance: 32 km. (In details; from Karaöz to Mavikent 11 km. – Mavikent to Finike 21 km.). As an additional info from Mavikent to Kumluca Bus Station 9 km.

Water: If you propose to walk the whole route this may be an extremely boring route passing through settlements, greenhouses and asphalt motorway. As you’ll be around settlements so there’s not a water problem. This route is a connection to Finike/Demre and Kas paths. There are groceries, markets, restaurants and gas stations on your way. However, between Karaoz and Mavikent there’s not a grocery shop. You’ll be walking on the motorway (Karaoz and Mavikent) but it’s not a crowded. Even if you leave Karaoz without water, there are three locations that you would get refreshed on your way, first one is 2 km. after Karaoz by the beach (Papaz Beach) at the picnic area, second one is on the motorway 1 km.after the beach and third one is again on the motorway on your way to Mavikent beach just 1 km. after the second one. As said before, %90 of Mavikent-Finike route is an asphalt motorway.

Food: As you’ll be walking through settlements, food and water are available. When you end your walk in Finike you need to supply food from Finike if you are proposing to continue to Demre via Mt.Alacadag, Belos and Alakilise. If you want to bypass Alacadag route and directly connect yourself to Myra/Andraike/Cayagzi by local bus you are able to supply food from Demre which is 10 km. after Finike. Bus station is available in Finike. As Cayagzi/Andriake is an archeological site where there’s no market or grocery available, however there’re some restaurants which you would rest, eat and swim as well.

Accomodation: You can put your tent on anywhere, however we recommend you to finish that route as quick as possible, even recommend you NOT TO WALK. Take a bus and enjoy the motorway !!!!. However, if you would like to stay in Mavikent, Kumluca or Finike there are too many pension and hotel opportunitues. But prefer to stay in Finike. Mavikent and Kumluca is not suitable for hikers because these towns are mainly run for greenhouse trading (tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber etc.) so if you are not in a hurry prefer bypassing Mavikent and Kumluca.

As stated before, Cayagzi/Andriake is an archeological site where there’s no pension or hotel, but you may camp at Andriake Camping or on the beach. Baris is the manager of Camping and he is happy to help. ( - 535-5010532, 535-2264936, 242-8713130).

Difficulty: There is no need to say that, this route is a quite long one if you propose to walk. We do not recommend you to walk the whole route except Karaoz-Mavikent route. This route is connection to Finike/Demre and Kas paths by bus, dolmus or taxi. In Kate Clow’s book, she recommends to bypass this route by bus as well. Otherwise you will definitely ask yourself “why am I walking under the sun on this motorway?” To be honest, we tried but didn’t enjoy a minute. It was hot, dusts, exhaust gas and noisy. We got blisters on our footpads at the end of the day we felt awful and exhausted. Briefly, between Karaoz and Mavikent is suitable for walking cause it is not croweded and you enjoy the beaches and marvellours views. In Mavikent it will be a good decision to take a bus to Finike. To go to Fethiye from Mavikent, first you need to take the local bus to Kumluca bus station then from Kumluca bus station to Finike or Demre. Ask the driver where you are going before you get on.

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help.
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