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Day 1/2 - (Goynuk - Goynuk Yayla - Roman Bridge)


Start: 14:00 (starting from Kemer-Antalya Motorway, Goynuk Canyon entry) 

Finish: A two days walk ends next day at 18:45 (Cobanyatagi/Alayapi Beli, a peak point between Goynuk and Goynuk Plateau/Upland (Goynuk Yayla), all rests, accomodation and stops are included, such as breakfast, lunch, market, general needs etc.)

Total distance: 38 km. (Motorway - Goynuk Canyon Entrance 4 km., Goynuk Canyon Entrance - Goynuk Yayla) 15 km., Goynuk Yayla - Roman Bridge 19 km.) Please note that this is not a one-day path. Just consider to finish this path in 2 days minimum.

Water: No major water problem during the walk but need to be little bit careful when consuming in some paths. After you leave Goynuk Canyon Entrance you need to fill your water up until you go down to river stream again. If you plan to camp between Canyon Entrance and stream (Cobanyatagi or Alayapi Pass) you need to consume your water carefully. Next day wont’t be a problem cause you’ll be going down to the stream in a few hours time. After 8.5 km. you’ll be at the peak point of your current climb and start to descend to the stream. During descending you’ll be able to see a spring. If you can’t, don’t worry cause you’re not far away to the stream. After you refresh yourself and fill your water at the stream you won’t have any problem to Goynuk Yayla. Between stream and Goynuk Yayla you have water resources as well.
After Goynuk Yayla you do not have any water resource problem as well so do not need to carry bottles of water with you. During descending to Roman Bridge you’re able to fill your bottles from several water resources. You’ll see a spring across the water tank used for a possible forest fire. This spring is used to fill this tank as well. Just refill your bottle here and this will be sufficient until Roman Bridge. There a few more on your way to Roman Bridge but may be dried up due to seasonal changes.

Food: Just like water supply, route passes through many settled areas so food supply will not be a problem. There are restaurants in Kumluova and Kınık. You may even request domatoes and peppers froms the people working in the greenhouses. Most of them are so helpful. There’s a grocery store in Çavdır. However, Çayköy is a very small village consists of just a few houses, so you may not find food in there. Prepare yourself to have a tasteful meal in Üzümlü. There’s a restaurant just in the centre of the village. You may have pide (kind of a Turkish pizza) or alabalık (trout) there, which we liked so much. Breakfast is available as well if you plan to camp in Üzümlü.

Accommodation: Accomodation is limited. For camping it’s not a problem. Pensions are available during your walk from Goynuk to Goynuk Canyon entrance, no accomodation available at Goynuk Canyon recreation area. Camping is not permitted here either. You need to make your way to Goynuk Yayla and start to climb towards Cobanyatagi or Alayapi Pass to find a suitable places for camping.
In Goynuk Yayla you may prefer to stop at Nadir’s House (it’s the first building after you arrive to Goynuk Yayla) and visit him if guidance or help needed. Water, Food and accomodation is available at Nadir’s House as well. He has more than two rooms and runs them like a hostel. It’s clean and tidy. But it may be a better idea to give him a call for reservation and check whether he’s there or not (Mobile: +90-532-616 28 65).
There is no accomodation available at Roman Bridge (except camping). You may walk up to Gedelme (5 km far away approx.) for pensions which is illogical if you plan to go down to Asagi Kuzdere and Tekirova. Pensions are available in Asagi Kuzdere, a village close to Kemer.
Below the bridge there is a seasonally open cafe/restaurant available which is ran by headman of village Ovacik. If you plan to camp you may ask him to sleep at wooden platforms of that restaurant.

Path Difficulty: Antalya section (eastern) of Lycian Way are generally harder and steeper than Fethiye (western) section. Goynuk-Goynuk Yayla can be considered as one of the hardest. You need to climb a lot, pass the stream. Of course no need to give up cause if you‘ve the experience it won’t be a problem. After people walk the Lycian Way’s beatiful coastal paths such as Ucagiz, Aperlae, they may get suprised and exhausted on these hilly paths of Antalya section.
There is no major waymark problem except stream bed in Goynuk and erosion aras while descending for Roman Bridge. If waymarks are not visible just look for cairn waymarks.
After Goynuk Yayla you start to descend for Roman Bridge. This mule path is downhill and visible and clear except some erosion areas. You need to be careful at erosion areas to prevent a possible accident such as buckling etc. In overall Goynuk-Goynuk Yayla section can be considered as difficult, Goynuk Yayla-Roman Bridge is long path but moderate.
If you’re not able to see the waymarks or cairns just go back where you last saw the signs and begin to walk again.
There is an important path change while descending to Roman Bridge. There is no signpost here. Waymark only. “Y” type waymark which indicates the route change can be seen after you leave the water tank (fire) and spring behind by 500 meters (0.3 miles). If you walk from the path and do not turn right you’ll go down to Roman Bridge and Tekirova section of Lycian Way. If you turn right which means you’re taking the route for Gedelme, Yayla Kuzdere and Mt. Tahtalı. So your decision is just like black and white. If you prefer to walk Mt. Tahtali section you be ascending to 1900 meters in following days or if you take Roman Bridge route you’ll be ascending to Asagi Kuzdere, Phaselis and Tekirova which is a costal walk with a few ascending sections.

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

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