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Day 3 - (Roman Bridge - Asagi Kuzdere - Alacasu Bay - Phaselis - Tekirova)


Start: 07:50 (starting from Roman Bridge)

Finish: 19:20 (Camping at the first bay of Tekirova-Cirali route / Cleopatra Bay)

Total distance: 29 km. (Roman Bridge - Asagi Kuzdere 4 km., Asagi Kuzdere - Camyuva/Tekirova/Kemer motorway 12 km., Asagi Kuzdere - Phaselis 17 km., Phaselis - Tekirova 5 km., Tekirova entrance of Tekirova/Maden Beach/Cirali Path - Cleopatra Bay 3 km.) Total distance includes Tekirova minibus station - Maden Beach/Cirali path entrance which is nearly 2.5 km.

Water: There’s not a major water problem during this route. You’ll be passing through the settlements couple of times however it’s better to carry enough amount of water after you pass Asagi Kuzdere to Tekirova direction. In Karatas region and during a steep climb (Karamanli and Bogurtlenlioz peak regions), which is not too long, you may need water but after you begin descending to Camyuva/Tekirova/Kemer motorway you are able to find water sources.

After Karataş region, you’ll be passing by a settlement and you may request water from local people here if it’s really urgent. As you pass the Karamanli and Bogurtlenlioz peak regions, you start to descend through a narrow path at first, then followed by a wider forest road where are able to see the water sources. However, after summer, these sources may not be available and you have to walk until Alacasu Bay where you meet with sea. On this route, water issue will not make you feel uncomfortable, the amount (not more than 2 lt.) that you carry with you on this route will be sufficient. Alacasu Beach is a popular place for picnic (It may be crowded so not suitable for camping), so there’s fountain at Alacasu. If you’re out of water, fill up your bottles at Alacasu Beach, if not there is no need to panic cause after an hour of walk, watching beatiful sea views, you’ll be arriving to Phaselis. You are able to buy water from a museum cafe at Phaselis. Between Phaselis to Tekirova you’ll be passing by settlements where you’re able find water almost everywhere.

Accomodation: There’s not an accomodation problem on this route for campers. There are several camping options between Alacasu Beach and Phaselis. In Asagi Kuzdere and Tekirova you may find pensions to stay. No pensions at Phaselis and camping is prohibited at Phaselis (because it is a museum). Tekirova is a 5-stars hotel paradise. Pensions are available as well for hikers. At Karatas region (Asagi Kuzdere) there are many nice camping areas. If you’re insistive building up your tent by the seaside, depending to the season (picnic, weekend etc.), the crowd may be frustrating.

Difficulty: The main difficulty is the total distance of whole route and nothing else. However, after spending many hours around steep climbs, dreaming to swim or spend time at the edge of a crystal clear water will vaporize all your fatigue. The most difficult part of this path is climbing Karamanli and Bogurtlenlioz (330 m from sea level) 4-5 km. approx. after you pass Asagi Kuzdere and Karatas regions. The elevation is not too much, however it takes long time to climb. Depending on the season you walk high temprature will make you feel uncomfortable.

There is not a problem for tracing the marks on this route, but there are some short sections that you will possibly fail to find red and white waymarks. After Asagi Kuzdere, enterance to the orange garden would be an issue. Many plants obscured the marks in here. All you have to do is to pass the stream and walk to the orange garden which is on the left hand side. Then you will see the waymarks again.

At settlements until Alacasu Beach, it’ll be good not to miss the crossroads. Otherwise you’ll have the same problem here, “looking for waymarks around the settled areas”. You would have to give extra attention in order not to miss the waymarks and signposts at Asagi Kuzdere and Karatas settlements, which will make you lose time.

Leaving Alacasu Beach and heading to Phaselis you need to take the path which is at the end of the beach. While watching beautiful sea views, you will forget all your tiredness. At this section of this route, standart red/white waymarks refreshed with a single red colour which is acceptable but would be good if they would include white as well.

In Tekirova you may take the local bus to take you to Tekirova/Maden Beach/Cirali Path entrance. Tell driver to take you to the entrance of Corinthia Hotel. Most of them are aware of Lycian Way as well but Corinthia Hotel description will be easier.

It’s up to you to omit walking through Tekirova streets where there is no sea views and full of motorvehicle sounds. So it may be a fine decision to prefer local bus in here.

Tekirova/Maden Beach/Cirali Path entrance starts from a huge security camera pole and Cleopatra Bay is 3 km after you enter the tarmac road. After 3 km., coming across the first water source, is the entrance of Cleopatra Bay. Follow the path that will take you to the bay directly Camping would be marvellous here cause you’ll be at the seaside and water source is available as well.

Path Elevation Graphs and Photos: Please refer to our sister site

For this path, you can find some detailed information on this LINK. Although site is in Turkish, photos will give you a direction how the paths look like.

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