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9 Sep 2017

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During September we'll be on Lycian Way for a documentary film called "A Way Like Heaven"

We hope it will help people about the route and refreshing their memeoires for the people who hiked on LW previously. 

Lycianway.org contents keep helping people a lot and putting them on LW paths. Now it's time for documentary film.

To see the progress about this you may follow us on instagram as well (@yuruyusyollari)

31 May 2017

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June issue of monthly magazine Magma has been issued.

New routes of Lycian Way and my Mammut Tahtali Run To Sky Ultramarathon experience is on Magma's June issue.

4 May 2017

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We'll be performing a slideshow and presentation in Bursa on 11 May 2017 Thursday (19:00). Free entrance of course.

Subjected on Mysia Trail, Lycia and others. 

Glad to meet all people there.

11 May 2017 - Thursday
Ordekli Culture Centre
Time: 19:00

6 Mar 2017

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On your way to Gelidonya Lighthouse (Karaoz-Adrasan) there seems no waste in the photo?? Not exactly like this if you come closer.

It's now time to collect the wastes on some parts of Lycian Way. As volunteers we will be gathering to collect them in November 2017.

We'll be sharing the details of the program soon. Probably in August. We keep you informed.

For further information you can send an email to Altug Senel (altugsenel@gmail.com)...

3 Feb 2017

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Closing conference of the project "Europe to Turkey on Foot" under the partnership of Culture Routes Society Turkey and European Association of the Via Francigena was held on 01-02 February 2017 in Demre-Antalya.

Route starts from Canterbury (UK) and planned to be finalised in Jerusalem in the following years, where Evliya Çelebi, St. Paul and Lycian Ways will be included as a part of it in Turkey.

First of all I need to thank the Culture Routes Society Turkey for this hard work. I should admit they work with devotion.

Presentations were made about Via Francigena, sustainabity of hiking tourism in Turkey, hiking paths in Italy and Greece, protection of the Lycian Way and other routes as well.

I was invited by Culture Routes Society and made a presentation about "Turkish hikers on Culture Routes". It seems presentation was effective enough, that I got very responsive feedback.

Presentation included some statistical data, in addition to this I tried to explain our responsibilities and problems throughout the routes. Although my time was time-limited, I had to go into details in some cases, such as;

- garbage
- fire / camp fire
- awareness (GPS, Guide Books, websites, warnings)
- Prescribed campsites
- Telephone or online help during emergency situations
- There should be no additional markings during the route where there are some due to commercial reasons or regional waymarkings of municipalities.
- Ideas and opinions about local businesses and sustainability
- I emphasized that waymarking of routes should be in a certain standard where Culture Routes Society should be included in these studies.

I tried fulfill my presentation in 10-15 minutes including the information/data I receive via Facebook group (14k members) and emails. I greeted all participants, from the people in social media’s warm greetings.

On the last day of the conference we had a Kekova Boat tour presenting the "A break on the Lycian Way" project where we were shown additional routes on LW. Thanks to Andriake Camping, Barış Yüksel for contributing this project.

As we are huge group of people that have the main power to protect the routes. Support is very important. I witnessed the social medias power once more.

All the Best...

Altug Senel

Photo with Osman Gungor, project leader of St.Nicholas Way

This was the olive tree that I planted in 2014 after I completed the main parts of St.Nicholas Way. It was 30 cm., now it is 2.5 meters.

Photo with Gurcu. She has a huge efforts in St.Nicholas Way.

During the presentation

Kekova Boat Tour


Theimussa Ancint City Ruins (Ucagiz) 

Kalekoy (Simena Ancient City)

Photo with Baris, Andriake Camping, Cayagiz

Baris is presenting the new routes to be added on Lycian Way.

Lycian Way hikers will have the chance to swim and relax at this bay (Buzagilik Bay) as a part of "A break on Lycian Way" project.  

LW waymarks just up above. We will have a small dock/stage here. 

Photo with Kate Clow, founder of Lycian Way.

Second Day photo session.

1 Feb 2017

Our Lycian Way experiences, moods, gorgeous paths are now in “Magma”, new discovery, geography and culture Magazine.

One of the most special routes of Lycian Way, Olympos-Adrasan-Gelidonya Lighthouse-Karaoz route has been written by Altug Senel in Magma’s 5th issue, June-July.

On the 6th issue (Aug-Sept) unforgettable Kekova paths are included.

16th issue contains Phrygian Trail's Fındık Valley

St.Nicholas Way is covered in 21st issue of the magazine

8 Jan 2017

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Nowadays new routes are being added on Lycian Way (LW). Current Cayagzi (Andriake)-Gurses-Myra route is not preferred by LW visitors. It is bypassed and generally after Cayagzi hikers are directed to Myra (Demre) or vice versa.

Gurses path will still exist but alternative routes are being waymarked on Hoyran-Davazlar-Tyrsa and Demre Stream that will connect hikers from Cayagzi to Myra.

This new route is more historical, contain many ancient settlements, marvellous sea views and nature as well that should be bypassed.

This new Hoyran-Davazlar-Tyrsa route between Andriake (Cayagzi)-Myra is being waymarked as of January 2017 and proposed to be ready in April 2017 hopefully. If you plan to hike in 2017 Spring, just ask whether this new route fully waymarked or not in order not to have any problems due to waymarks before you hike.

Thanks to everybody collaborating in this study.

Photos are taken by Baris from Andriake Camping located on Cayagzi Beach.