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Events in 2018 and 2019 programs

Besides our discoveries in 2018, we made numerous presentations, occasions, volunteering activities and guidance (personally and self-guided) to groups.

Altug's book “Step by step Lycian Way” was released in March 2018, written basically in Turkish. In a short period of time, half of the pressing was sold out. He is still working on the English edition of Lycia and Carian Trail.

Days spent on the ancient paths of Lycia, friendships, fellowships with locals on trails and trustworthy Wikiloc records makes hundreds of domestic/foreign people walk on many culture routes of Turkey, especially Lycian Way and Carian Trail.

We will keep on sharing and writing.

You can either meet us in various trail running events. Due to shortage of our timings we’ve started to run on the paths as well as hiking for the last two years.

Feel free to get information about our services (guiding, self guiding etc) if you want to explore the paths step by step, with minimum transfer to make you touch nature and history and experience our friendships on trails. You can make it "step by step" even without any transfers (altugsenel@gmail.com). It’s all up to you.

As of November 2018, bookings of 2019 spring program of 2019 has been begun. Two full weeks and three weekends have been booked already.

Let's get together for a different and special experience.

Walking is philosophy and a way of thinking...

Here are some of our activities held at the end of 2017 and 2018.

Lycian Way Documentary
November 2017 - Lycian Way waste and garbage volunteer event (Gelidonia Lighthouse)

March 2018 – Phrygian Trail event with Hüseyin Sarı, builder of trail

July 2018 – EcoTrails event with Murat Demirci, builder of EcoTrails connecting Caria and Lycia (Koycegiz-Dalyan-Dalaman-Gocek)

April 2018 - "Step by Step Lycian Way" book published and on sale

April 2018 - Lycian Way with guests from Ukraine (Fethiye). One week event.

May 2018 - Run to Sky event (Mt.Olympos) courtesy of MAGMA Magazine

June 2018 – Culture Routes presentation and “Step by Step Lycian Way” book event (Istanbul)

September 2018 - Lycian Way. Guests from UK (Goynuk)

October 2018 – Carian Trail. Guests from UK (Bozburun Peninsula)

October 2018 - Lycian Way. Guest from Canada (Goynuk)

November 2018 - Lycian Way with BigBoyzFestival (Fethiye)

November 2018 - Culture Routes presentation and “Step by Step Lycian Way” book event (Istanbul)

Hi Altug

Hope you got back home ok and getting ready for your next trek.

Just like to say how much I enjoyed the weeks walking and many thanks for leading us across the Carian Trail. I had not been to Turkey before, but will certainly be considering coming back in the near future. Also thanks for CD with photos of the walk - its a good memory of the week and fellow walkers.

All the best
Hi Altug.

Thank you for the wonderful photos.
Thank you for your professional work.
I tell you, as a mountaineering instructor with 30 years of experience.
You are very good at it. I will be glad to meet again.

Best Regards

thank you so much for the recommendation to Altug. He provided me with a wonderful four-day experience of the Lycian Way — and was a fun and enjoyable companion.
All the best
Hi Altug
Great to hear from you.
Thanks very much for the photos. They are great, and brought back lots of memories about our walk with you.
We'll definitely be coming back to Turkey. In fact we are missing it already!
We'll keep in touch and hope to see you sometime soon.
Best wishes

Lycian Way Guide Book - Lycian Way "Step by Step"

Lycian Way Guide Book (first press will be in Turkish) will be available in two weeks time. The book is in print as of March 10th.

"Adım Adım" Lycian Way ("Step by step" in English) is a book that contain my notes and experiences. Will be available in bookstores and internet. 

Those who want to get the book can email me because it's not on the internet yet (altugsenel@gmail.com). I can send it by post.

Smaller you make the book, easier to carry. This is the smallest book in size with A2 map inside. 

I did not write this book considering it as a guide. I took care to prepare the contents who want to hike but cannot due to several reasons. I tried to contain its history, nature, pre-walking preparations, visuals and "step by step" routes by not over-weighting in bags and memories.

It contain QR codes, that make it able to access GPS data of each track and information about the accomodations. So I would like you to see this book as a "frequently asked questions", not just a guide.

Of course, the book contain an A2-size map I prepared

Why "Step By Step"?

This is why it's going to be a "step-by-step" series. This book is a beginning. Different countries and roads will be published as "step by step".

With love...

Altuğ Şenel

Trailer of Lycian Way Documentary

Trailer of Lycian Way Documentary has been published.

During March or April 2018 you will be watching the whole documentary.

We'll keep you updated from here, Facebook or instagram (@yuruyenkisi) accounts.

with love...

We collected Wastes on Lycian Way - November 2017

We decided to give a “heads up” to the people regarding the increasing pollution on Lycian Way. Pollution is mainly due to camping wastes, such as cans, brewages, water bottles and wet wipes.

We volunteered for this and collected wastes and garbages on a popular Lycian Way path, Karaoz-Gelidonya Lighthouse-Adrasan-Olympos-Cirali.

This was a two day organisation that everybody came to the starting point (Karaoz) by their own. We fixed the date and decided a meeting point and we were all there. This was an organisation open to everybody.

In nature, we all pay attention to our clothings, tents etc. But we have to focus on the fact that we carry food and cleaning supplies from the city to the nature and leave the wastes of them an the garbage cans in the settlements which is a few kilometers away.

During the two-day walk, we encountered campfire, wet wipes, cans and PET bottles burned on random camp fires.

Thank you very much for all those who had contribution in this beautiful synergy. We can manage good things together.

Meanwhile, we planted an olive and carob trees at Gelidonya Lighthouse that were the commemoriatives for this organisation. Do not forget to water it if you go there. But get the water from the lighthouse’s cistern which is not drinkable.


Karaoz. Let's begin to walk.

Too many wastes collected.

This was the waste collected only in 3 km.

Gelidonya Lighthouse - 1
Our two trees are located on the slope at the right of this photo (not visible). 

Second Shot

In memory of this organisation.
Time to plant our Carob Tree

In memory of this organisation.
Olive tree.

On our way to Adrasan we came across this random camp fires. There were too many!!!

Second day begins. Adrasan.

From Adrasan to Cirali

Time to climb.

Autumn time in Lycia

Mt.Musa. This is another camp fire. You cannot dispose cans and glasses by fire???

From Mt.Musa to Cirali.

Break in sandalwood forrest.

Carrying wastes to Olympos.

We'd like to see the nature like this. No wastes in nature!!! 

Time to get rid of the wastes at Olympos.

A Documentary Film about Lycian Way: "A Way Like Heaven"

During September we'll be on Lycian Way for a documentary film called "A Way Like Heaven"

We hope it will help people about the route and refreshing their memeoires for the people who hiked on LW previously. 

Lycianway.org contents keep helping people a lot and putting them on LW paths. Now it's time for documentary film.

To see the progress about this you may follow us on instagram as well (@yuruyusyollari)

June 2017 issue of Magma magazine - All routes waymarked to Lycia

June issue of monthly magazine Magma has been issued.

New routes of Lycian Way and my Mammut Tahtali Run To Sky Ultramarathon experience is on Magma's June issue.

Presentation in Bursa. Mysia Trail / Lycian Way and others - 11 May 2017 Thursday - 19:00

We'll be performing a slideshow and presentation in Bursa on 11 May 2017 Thursday (19:00). Free entrance of course.

Subjected on Mysia Trail, Lycia and others. 

Glad to meet all people there.

11 May 2017 - Thursday
Ordekli Culture Centre
Time: 19:00

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