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8 Jan 2017

On 09:22 by altug
Nowadays new routes are being added on Lycian Way (LW). Current Cayagzi (Andriake)-Gurses-Myra route is not preferred by LW visitors. It is bypassed and generally after Cayagzi hikers are directed to Myra (Demre) or vice versa.

Gurses path will still exist but alternative routes are being waymarked on Hoyran-Davazlar-Tyrsa and Demre Stream that will connect hikers from Cayagzi to Myra.

This new route is more historical, contain many ancient settlements, marvellous sea views and nature as well that should be bypassed.

This new Hoyran-Davazlar-Tyrsa route between Andriake (Cayagzi)-Myra is being waymarked as of January 2017 and proposed to be ready in April 2017 hopefully. If you plan to hike in 2017 Spring, just ask whether this new route fully waymarked or not in order not to have any problems due to waymarks before you hike.

Thanks to everybody collaborating in this study.

Photos are taken by Baris from Andriake Camping located on Cayagzi Beach.

27 Nov 2016

This our second occasion after our Lycian Way gathering in May 2016.

We're now on our way to hike Efes-Mimas Trail (Izmir) next week on 03-04 December. Thanks to lycianway.org and hikeinturkey.com, made our group, friendships grew day by day.

Next week on Friday night our coach will take us to Belevi , first day on Saturday Belevi-Sirince, then last day on Sunday Sirince-Camlik-House of the Virgin Mary-Ephesus paths will be hiked.

Thanks again to Red&White waymarks made these occasions happen and grow a huge friendship.

See you all next week....

2 Nov 2016

On 12:36 by altug
19 November 2016 Saturday

Time 15:00
İstanbul Hatırası Photography Center-Moda/Kadıköy-İstanbul

Now it's time for the presentation about hiking routes from Lycia to Caria and so on.

Not a technical one but we'll be talking about the philosophy of "hiking and walking".

You may need to give a call for reservation. They do not want to keep you standing for hours. (+90-216-346 50 16).

Hope to see and meet you all there...

26 Sep 2016

On 14:06 by altug
It was the year 2013. A Canadian lady, Michelle Sevigny who planned a solo hike on Lycian Way (whole route), got in contact with us about her plans, requested help on some paths and whole route. Like we did for everybody we tried to help her as much as we could. A good friendship began from here.

Then the time passed by.  We’ve been informed that we were told in the book content she wrote. We’d like to thank for her good thoughts.

It’s nice to contribute and be one of the support element in this publication. We would be more than happy if our personal directions and this website had one single help to complete her hike.

Hoping to hike with her in Caria later on...

"Merhaba from Canada!  My book about my May 2014 Likya Yolu hike will be available in a few weeks on Amazon!
Thank you to Altug Senel for his help, before and after my hike -- teşekkür ederim!"

27 Nov 2015

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Here’s our new web address that contain all of our walks on different culture routes. It contains latest news and updates as well.


No change in previous websites. They remain the same. HikeInTurkey gathers them together and make you see all culture routes we walked and announcements anout our future walks.

At first you'll be linked to Turkish version but we'll be lauching the English version soon.

If you have a plan to hike in Turkey o not hesitate to ask for further questions we're ready to assist (email to altugsenel@gmail.com).

A snapshot from intro page

20 Jun 2015

On 10:30 by altug
Now it’s time for gathering. As we mention in every presentation and gathering, it all began by sharing our memories of Lycian Way walk in www.likyayolu.org (Turkish version) and www.lycianway.org (English version). Next step was sharing lots of details and experiences and encouraging people to make thier plans for Lycian Way.

Then to make an interaction with people, sharing online route updates and Q&A. We created a social Facebook group where no ads and irrelevant shares are allowed. Now there are 4500 members in this Facebook group. And growing day by day. (Facebook Link).

To be honest most important detail was encouraging people to walk Lycian Way. We have lots of examples available. It’s really impossible to tell them one by one.

During our walks and Lycian Way presentations in different cities we met lots of people and had strong friendships together.

To meet most of you for the first time or meet again we’d like to gather in May 2016 on Lycianway and walk&camp for a few days together. Purpose of this gathering is not a performance walk. Just to meet up with the people who have common memories.

On 18th of May (Wednesday) in the morning, we make our start from Kaş (Antiphellos) and finishing the first day in Bogazcik. On May 19th (Thu) from Bogazcik to Aperlae. Next day on May 20th (Fri) from Aperlae to Ucagiz. May 21th (Sat) from Ucagiz to Andriake/Demre. Then transfer to Kas. 

This activity is totally free but there will be a limit in number of attendee of course (not specified yet). All you have to do is to make your own budget and attend. Purpose of this walk is to meet up with people that we always meet in social virtual world. Anyway, this will be our program on these days even if there no attendance.

For accomodation everybody is free. You may camp or stay at a pension such as Apollonia Lodge or Purple House. Program details will be clear enough in a few motnths.

This share is to make your plans give a heads-up if you intend to join in. Detailed program will follow soon.

With love...


1 Jun 2015

Our Lycian Way experiences, moods, gorgeous paths are now in “Magma”, new discovery, geography and culture Magazine.

One of the most special routes of Lycian Way, Olympos-Adrasan-Gelidonya Lighthouse-Karaoz route has been written by Altug Senel in Magma’s 5th issue, June-July.

On the 6th issue (Aug-Sept) unforgettable Kekova paths are included.

Magma can be supplied from all kiosks or supermarkets in Turkey.